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—What, people call you the Doctor?


—Well, I’m not. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve got to earn that title.

#martha jones appreciation day

One of the things I’ll always appreciate about Martha is that we got to see her in action as a doctor so often. This wasn’t a token job or a career. This was an essential part of her character. She was given real opportunities to act as a doctor, from performing CPR, to treating concussions, and even re-setting dislocated shoulders. And it influenced her every action; she’s just been kidnapped and drugged by Cheen but she’ll be damned if she let’s Cheen continue to use one of those patches while she’s pregnant. And being a doctor was so integral to her narrative, factoring prominently in her conflicts for respect. This was especially true with the Doctor, from their first interaction to her eventual departure.

You really gotta love Martha, the doctor.



Warehouse 13 + Cards Against Humanity (insp. by x)

That last one! Ha + ouch. 

"This is criminal law 100, or as i prefer to call it - How to get away with murder."


Stardust (2007), dir. Matthew Vaughn

"Oh, excuse me, madam. Sorry. This may seem strange, but have you seen a fallen star anywhere?"
"You’re funny."
"No, really, we’re in a crater. This must be where it fell."