"There’s a moment in every episode of Orphan Black where I suddenly realize that Tatiana Maslany is playing all of the clones. And then I freak out. Every episode." - (via fairweatherfrey)

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I feel like such crap and the doctors were so unhelpful it was a joke.

I just want to go home curl up in my bed and have my mum look after me. Ughhh

21 calls to the doctor’s surgery just to be told I’m going to called back and assessed over the phone.


thats so fucking gay THATS SO FUCKING GAY

im so fucking gay

im bi but im so fucking gay

I feel like crap and the doctors office isn’t open until tomorrow morning for me to book an appointment. I googled my symptoms. Flu came up as one of the option for what it possibly could be and it listed nine symptoms.

I have all nine symptoms. Yay.

I basically haven’t left my room all day apart from to get super noodles when I woke up cause I stg I literally have the worst migraine in the world.

Also I never thought of myself as a particularly NEAT person but the squalor my housemates are williing to live in is literally turning my stomach